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Blazing Fast Internet and VOIP from Viasat's Exede in Georgetown, KY

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Satellite Internet and VOIP from Viasat's Exede is available for you! Contact Impact Satellite located in Georgetown, KY

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Blazing Fast Internet and VOIP from Viasat's Exede in Georgetown, KY

Exede from Impact Satellite, Georgetown, KY

Exede from Impact Satellite symbolizes the up and coming era of rural Internet services. With ViaSat's innovative technology, which also introduced the world to WildBlue, Exede is a leader in the online market, surpassing all expectations people generally have for a satellite Internet supplier. Download sharper HD movies, larger photos, etc., with greater ease, and send e-mail much faster. This fantastic mix of optimized bandwidth and wireless technology has made it feasible for even those who live in remote rural regions to go online.

Satellite Internet Packages

The wise consumer can select from a variety of package options to suit both their needs and their personal budgets. Starting at just $49.99, you can enjoy a monthly bandwidth of 10GB, great for those who are new to connecting to the net. Those who use the Internet for only the most basic reasons, including reading up on recent news events, transmitting e-mails to loved ones and researching various topics, will absolutely adore this plan. And for just $30 more, you can access twice the capacity at 15GB, enabling the user to watch more movies, send more pictures, and optimize one's media-based online experience. For those whose Internet usage falls on the excessive side, the 15GB plan might be best; making it possible to use graphic-heavy sites such as Facebook and YouTube. For a maximum cost of $129.99 per month, this 25GB plan promises optimum Internet savings. The 25GB option is just perfect for houses that contain many computers that surf simultaneously, as well as for those who enjoy vibrant music, streaming films and other gigantic files. Additionally, a great customer service option comes with each and every plan; this is the same level of customer service that ViaSat has always given its customers.

Why Choose Exede

HughesNet, another satellite broadband service provided through Dish Network, supplies similar plans but with added rules and restrictions. This system reaches a top level of 250MB daily, disallowing customers from getting the most from the Internet and its media rich content. HughesNet is in the process of developing new wireless satellite systems that will, one day, place them in competition with other wireless internet providers.

Comcast, Time Warner - Cable Internet

By choosing cable internet such as Comcast or Cox, you are restricted to that provider and must adjust your location so as to receive good internet. For people who reside in out of the way regions, this can pose a definite problem. Companies such as Time Warner, Cox and Comcast still offer a decent quality cable network.

Fiber Optics! The raison d'etre for Verizon and Google internet

Utilizing the speed of light, Google Fiber and Verizon FiOS connect you to the net with fiber optic cable. Fiber optic bandwidth has the potential to be much higher that regular cable internet. However, like the traditional cable that you probably already have hooked up to your house, fiber optic cable has to be run to every single establishment, which could take years for Verizon and Google to complete.

The Inside Scoop

Introduced in 2012, this novel satellite was created from the most innovative technology on today's market--and now you can enjoy it as well. Exede guarantees a solid internet connection with satellite bandwidth in every room of your home, regardless how remote your location may be. Through the use of the Ka band (a decided improvement from the Ku band used by providers like Hughesnet), ViaSat 1 provides an exalted bandwidth level and speed, enabling the user to surf at the same velocity as those who have cable.

This advanced internet technology was founded just for you, to provide you with the best internet experience around. Do it all--and do it fast--with Exede Broadband Georgetown, KY from Impact Satellite.